Agrisol Calcio : Agrisol Ltd. Şti.

agrisol-calcio-eklenen New Generation Calcium

AGRISOL CALCIO is conceived to prevent calcium deficiencies in leaves and in the plant tissue that could lead to diseases and, subsequently, to the loss of the harvest. Treatments with AGRISOL CALCIO lead to increased fruit firmness and, consequently, longer shelf life.
AGRISOL CALCIO is ideal for applying calcium by drip irrigation system due to the presence of LSA molecules that protects the same from sedimentation reactions.

  • Bitter pockmarks in apples;
  • Apical rot of tomatoes;
  • Cherry cracking of cherries, peaches, nectarines and plums.

Guaranteed Content: 15% Water Soluble Calcium (Cao)
Packing: 1-5-20 L

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